What we do

Our clients see BlackLion Law as a trusted advisor.

We understand the issues and stresses involved when matters become contentious. We deal with them honestly, discretely, empathetically and effectively. We see all our clients as individuals and we ensure we have a deep understanding of their needs. We are able to represent our clients’ personal and business interests with unwavering focus and commitment.

We support clients on a personal level and value our relationships. We feel strongly that instructing a lawyer should take away a client’s stress, not add to it. Our clients trust us to give honest advice, resolve disputes without publicity and to protect sensitive commercial interests and relationships.

We understand our clients’ business interests and we provide practical and innovative solutions by combining our legal expertise with commercial acumen. We fight for our clients at every turn. We provide a service that is creative in its approach and unyielding in its determination to deliver.

If disputes cannot be avoided, we seek to resolve them efficiently. Our bright, tenacious litigators enforce or defend our clients’ rights without incurring unnecessary risk or expense. We are passionate about what we do and we have a reputation for doing it well.